Be Bear aware

It’s that time of the year again.

During Bear Aware season, Apr. 1 – Nov. 30, DO NOT set containers out before 4:00 am. Read this Link for more Information and fines for not complying.

Also check out our Bear aware Site with more Links and Information how to protect our bears.

Hundreds of bears die every year for this stupid reason (InfoTel News article from March 27 2015):

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Open Letter to All HCNS Residents and Members (October 2019)

If you haven’t joined or renewed your membership with the High Country Neighbourhood Society recently, you’re missing out on one of the best parts of this community.  Please read the letter (link below) for more information about our neighbourhood society and how we work together for everyone’s benefit.

Read the HCNS October 2019 Community Letter


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City of Kamloops Survey

Dear Community Associations,

The City of Kamloops is conducting a Social Plan review and it would be wonderful if you could email or post to Facebook the information below to your neighbors to help spread the word and get more people to give us their feedback.

Here is the link that will take residents to the webpage where they can find more information and the survey:

Thanks everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend.

Ben Chobater
Community Development Coordinator
Phone:  250.828.3582

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FireSmart Info Aug 2017

This week we have been fortunate to have 2 Speakers (Kirsten Wourms from the City of Kamloops and Roman Chapman from TRU and previous wildfire fighter) giving us info about Fire Smarten our properties.

If you have not been able to attend or want to review the information given click on this link to view the video

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Road construction work at gas pipeline area

A Call to the City revealed that the current work undertaking is for the long time discussed emergency road for Juniper. As of currently the road remains locked and only opened in case of wildfires.

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Good News for Pet Owners Using Rose Hill Park

Gary was so kind to add a metal bowl to the drinking fountain in Rose Hill Park so that you can now give your pet a refreshing drink at the end of a scenic hike, round of disc golf, or hard-fought tennis (or pickleball) match. Lets hope it stays there for a long time.
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Thanks to Those Keeping Rose Hill Road Tidy

Often, Springtime is when we organize a Rose Hill Road Trash Bash. It is great to see that some anonymous Rose Hill resident(s) have taken it upon themselves to pick up garbage along the road. What a difference and, for the first time in memory, a Rose Hill Road Trash Bash is simply not necessary!  Also, a recent examination of the area around the upper water tower and the first part of Scott Road, two traditional illegal dumping sites, is also neat and free from garbage.  Again, thank you to those that are making the extra effort to keep our neighbourhood tidy.
Thank you Gary for checking the different locations out.
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Rose Hill Park Update – October 31st

Hello High Country Neighbours,

· SAFETY ALERT — The “no-posts” along Rose Hill Road and adjacent to Rose Hill Park will be removed next week (November 2 – November 6). During this time flaggers will be on-site helping to control traffic, so be aware that there may be some minor traffic delays. Some of these no-posts will be used to provide a safety barrier at the steepest part of the drop-off on the north side of the road, just uphill from the S-bend.

· PARK UPDATE — The split rail fence on the east side of Rose Hill Road will be extended both uphill and downhill; an opening will be installed for easy access to the area east of the Park.

· PARK UPDATE — The 1.5 km. perimeter trail around Rose Hill Park has now been completed! There are some worries that the trail surface may become quite muddy and difficult to use during the wetter months, so we want to monitor usage and the trail condition. Let Gary Bunney (250 314-1805) know if you have anything to share about the Rose Hill Park Trail and its condition and he will pass this information on to city staff for further park planning.

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Rose Hill Park Update – September 3, 2015

September, 2015 will be a busy time for the completion of upgrades to Rose Hill Park. Here is a summary of the work that will be completed by the end of September:

  • The no-posts will be removed very soon.  The split rail fence will be extended up the hill and an opening will be added to the fence to allow pedestrian access into the area east of the developed park. Some of the no-posts will be re-installed just down the hill from the Park to improve safety on the curve.
  • Site preparation and irrigation installation for the new grassed area will be completed, followed immediately by grass sod installation.  The grassed area will be a little smaller than originally proposed to support Kamloops water conservation efforts and to respond to feedback from a few Rose Hill residents.
  • The decision to put in more parking on the east side of Rose Hill Road has been scrapped. The parking area would have used more that 30% of the Rose Hill Park improvement budget.  Instead, the current parking area will be slightly expanded.
  • Installation of the perimeter trail system will go ahead this Fall after all!  In part, this is now possible because of the decision to eliminate the proposed parking lot on the east side of Rose Hill Road.
  • Up to four pickleball courts will be added to the current tennis complex by super-imposing two courts on top of the most westerly court and adding two more pickleball courts to the alley between the two tennis courts. The basketball hoop will be relocated from the parking lot to inside the fenced racquet sports enclosure.
  • Improvements will be made to the mail-box pull-out to allow easier re-entry onto Rose Hill Road when heading south.
  • With the addition of the irrigation system for the grassed play area, a five centimeter (2 inch) diameter stand pipe will also be installed. This will provide some firefighting capacity in the Park, which we currently don’t have. Also, a drinking fountain will be added to the Park.
  • Installation of the gazebo shade structure, and planting a number of trees, will complete the Rose Hill Park improvement initiative in 2015.

For question or concerns contact please Gary Bunney at 250 314-1805

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Pickleball Coming to Rose Hill Park?

As part of the many upgrades to Rose Hill Park, the City of Kamloops wants to include pickleball courts into the existing tennis facility in the Park. This City-wide initiative is focused on adding pickleball courts to existing low-use tennis courts. Low use would certainly describe the Rose Hill courts. Recently, a visual survey was conducted of the two courts in Rose Hill Park (see detail below). During an 18 day period, with 56 documented observations, only one court was used once by two players.

What is Pickleball? — Pickleball is a thriving sport in North America and is easy to learn and play, but challenging to master. It is a unique, fast paced game that individuals of all ages can enjoy, although it has become especially attractive to older players because of the smaller court size and lower impact (knees, ankles, hips). Pickleball shares features of other racquet sports. It is a sport in which two, three, or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a wiffle ball, over a net. The dimensions and layout of a court are similar to badminton court (pickleball = 20 X 44 feet), while the net and rules are similar to tennis. Note that three pickleball courts fit into the space of one tennis court.

The Proposal — It is proposed that lines and other modifications for up to three pickleball courts be super-imposed on top of one of the existing Rose Hill Park tennis courts. Lines for the tennis courts will remain white, while the lines for the pickleball courts will be painted in either red or blue. This proposal would enable, simultaneously, single/doubles tennis (one court) and singles/double pickleball (three courts) to be played involving 8-16 people concurrently. Comments or concerns about this proposal?Contact Gary Bunney at 250 314-1805 (after 6PM) from August 21 to August 28 or at

Pickleball in Kamloops — Kamloops pickleball got its start in 2007. Today, the Kamloops Pickleball Club has a membership of 125+ and is growing steadily. Rose Hill’s very own Thor Fridricsson, a long-time resident of our community, is the current president of the Kamloops Pickleball Club. The Kamloops Pickleball Club is fortunate to have a relatively large member base with a variety of skill levels ranging from novice to high-level players, so it is easy to find a group of players to suit each level. The Kamloops Pickleball Club promotes healthy active living, sportsmanship, fair play and fun! The group’s goal is to continue the growth of pickleball in Kamloops with the motto: Play Pickleball – Preserve your body, mind and spirit. If you have questions about pickleball, or you would like to learn this fast-growing sport, Thor can be reached at The Kamloops Pickleball Club can be reached at

Details of the tennis court use informal study: During the 18 day period (July 23-August 9 inclusive) fifty-six (56) observations were made of the usage of the two Rose Hill courts. Observations were concentrated in the mornings (18 observations up to 10AM) and in the late afternoon/evening (28 observations between 4PM and 8PM). In addition, observations were biased towards the weekend with half of the observations conducted on Saturdays and Sundays.

Plan showing tennis court conversion to pickleball courts Rose Hill

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Rose Hill Park Update August 2015

Rose Hill Park Update, plus a “Thank you” to Cathy McLeod, M.P.

Thank you to Cathy McLeod, M.P.

First of all, a big “Thank You” to Cathy McLeod, our Member of Parliament. Much of the initial consultation with Canada Post Corporation regarding relocating the Rose Hill mailboxes to a safer location was carried out by Cathy and her staff. We all benefit from having this safer pull-off area for collecting our mail.

Rose Hill Park Update #2

  • During the first week in August the City will begin installing the split rail fencing in the Park and along the road. Once this is completed the concrete no-posts will be removed.
  • Some re-design of the disc golf course layout will also be undertaken in early August.
  • After the fencing installation is completed the connections to the water system will be made to allow for the installation of the irrigation system for the planned grassed area. Also, at this time the drinking fountain will be installed.
  • At the end of August/early September, when the weather is more favourable and the irrigation system is fully operational, the installation of the grassed area will be completed.
  • At the end of Summer, 2015, work will be completed on the additional parking area on the east side of Rose Hill Road.

Questions and comments? Please contact Gary Bunney at 250 314-1805 after 6PM

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